Some Popular Programming Language

This writting is my exercise in Basic English course. So, if you find some mistake in grammars session, please to cerrect it via comment bellow πŸ˜€ . Thank you before.

In this chance I will tell you about Computer Programming language that I have been used. I assume that all of you have known well how to operate computer and ever use a computer at least for simple operating. Don’t worry, I will not talk technically side of Programming language, but If you interest to know about programming tecnically, you can ask me and we will discuss it.

Programming language is one of the most important thing in Software Development. Choosing right language to develop a software system is important to get a software more effective and efficient. There are many language of computer programming that can be used such as some popular language that are usually used by individual or corporate user.

Here, I will just tell you some programming language that I have used. First is C language, It is an old language beside Assembly language. C is a popular language that usually is used in a Kernel or System programming. Modern Operating System is developed by this language. C is one of most power full language because of its fast, stabilities, n simplicity of syntax. Syntax is a line of command that will be executed by compiler of language, whereas compiler is a program that convert a syntax into a machine instruction that can be understood by computer. You can develop a computer program using a C language. A CLI (Command Line Interface) or GUI (Graphical User Interface) can be developed by C . Many Compiler of C that can you use. Some of them are free and some are proprietary or not free. The example of free Compiler of C are: GCC for Linux, DevCpp (using GCC in Windows), Pelles C, DJGPP and so on. And the proprietary compiler such as Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C, and Turbo C.

The Second is C++ . It is an extend from C language that have supported Object Oriented Programming. Syntax is almost same with C. It just extend more library and adopt a princip of OOP in its syntax.

The third is Java language. Java is a one of popular language in enterprise system. It often be used in many corporate user to solve their IT problems. JAVA is an OOP (Object Oriented Programming). JAVA is powerfull language to develop a software system. It have being proven in many company in the world. Many tools can be developed by JAVA from a Desktop Aplication, Web Aplication, until Server Side Application.

The Fourth is PHP . PHP is a web base scripter that usually use to build an interactive website. It is a most popular one of script language for a web base aplication. Many famous interactive website is developed by PHP such as PHP is can install on many Operating System like: Windows, any variant of Linux, Sun Solaris, and so on.

The Fiveth is Basic or we know it Visual Basic (VB) . Actually, VB is one of compiler that using Basic language. There was others Compiler of Basic language like Turbo Basic, BASICA, and in a Linux System we know a Gambas. One compiler and others is not support the others. So, if you develop program using VB, you can not edit the source in Turbo Basic or Gambas.

And the last is SAP/ABAP. It is a specific language that use in SAP System. SAP is an ERP Software that can be customized to solve the business process of enterprise system. For customizing SAP System is used SAP/ABAP language.


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  1. nrw says:

    I have developed a connector between SAP and custom billing application in Indosat. It utilizes some socket programming.

    Can you share it with me please? πŸ™‚

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